This is a Prototype game and not available for retail yet.

  • Social

  • Category

  • Hand Management

  • Party

  • Family or Adult

  • Simultaneous Action Selection

40 Letter Cards

40 Category Cards

1 Rulebook

What's in the  Box





Ages 11+

How to Play

Choose a player to flip a Category Card and read it aloud.



Everyone flips over 1 Letter Card off of any deck. Players must now think of an answer (in their own head) that starts with their letter and pertains to the Category Card. Answers can be any amount of letters or words.


Once a player has thought of an answer, they collect the remaining amount of Letter Cards needed to complete their answer.


To begin gameplay, 'The Caller' (AKA the player that flipped over the Category Card) shouts 'GO'.

All players must simultaneously discard a letter they do not need.

Once all players have collected their cards, gameplay begins.


All discarded letters are now available to be stolen. To steal a letter, a player shouts out the name of that letter.

If multiple players shout out for the same letter at the same time, this creates a tiebreaker (see rules)

If a player does not wish to steal a discarded letter, they must pick up a letter from any letter deck.


Gameplay continues until 1 or more players complete their answer. Once a player completes their answer, they reveal it to the table and receive points - 1 point per Letter Card used.

The first player to 30 points WINS!