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Pink Purple Gradient

How to Play

Each Player picks a color. Choose a player to setup the board in any format they want (coaster boards must be flush with each other). Example below.




Once board setup is complete, the player that setup the board goes first. They start by dropping a token, trying to land it in a slot on the board.



Players can drop side to side anywhere above the board. You cannot flick or throw the token and your arm cannot move in a downward motion while dropping. Players must drop from a height no less than 8" (think of the height of a bottle of Coke).

If a player violates any of the rules, a warning can be given. If the same player clearly violates again during the same round, a penalty can be given to the offending player - a loss of 3 points.


Each player is trying to land their tokens in slots. Each slot has a different value. The board with 1 slot is worth the most (6 points). The board with 6 slots is worth the least (1 point per slot).

The score is tallied at the end of the round. Only tokens that are FULLY in the slots at the end of the round count. If the token is not sitting flush it does not count!


During game play, you will get bounces that go your way - or don't!

At anytime, a player can choose to drop their token on an already slotted token - to try and knock it out.


If the slotted token is knocked out and remains on the board, it is left there. If it bounces off the board it is collected by the player who owns it to be re-dropped.




Players continue taking turns in a clockwise motion. If you drop a token and it does not land on the board or bounces off, it counts as a turn. However, you collect the token back into your pile to drop again.

Once a player runs out of tokens, all other players get one last turn. IF a token belonging to the finished player is knocked off the board in the final round, the game continues! To end the round, the finished player should have all their tokens on the board.


At the end of the round, determine all of the tokens that are fully and flush in the slots. Remove all other tokens on the board. Count and record the points for each player.

The player with the most points at the end of 6 rounds wins!


Tutorial Video

Kickstarter Video



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